Sabrina Texidor grew up as a Connecticut prep school girl by day and a telenovela watching señorita by night. This bilingual beauty can recite Shakespeare and Marc Anthony lyrics all in the same breath! Raised by a brilliant and passionate Colombian mother who taught her anything is attainable with hard work and vision, Sabrina received a full scholarship to the prestigious Connecticut prep school, Kingwood-Oxford. While at K-O, she traveled to Paraguay to help build schools in 100 degree weather and served as a translator for the doctors. In the classroom, she nurtured her inquisitive nature and found her voice. The starry eyed only child learned how to navigate through seemingly different worlds while still maintaining her sassy sense of self; a skill that would serve her for the rest of her life. A Latina with back bone, brains and beauty made her a force to be reckoned with in the classroom and on stage. Always feeling more at home while performing she began modeling and acting as a child. Her charisma and voracious appetite for performance landed her print campaigns such as The Limited Too, Polaroid and Tommy Hilfiger. She also earned the lead role of Maria in West Side Story in the Hartford Children’s Theater. Her eloquence booked her a multi-video hosting job for Mozzarella Productions where she became a teleprompter queen!

After high school she ventured off to Fordham University in New York City where she majored in Communications and Media Studies and minored in Philosophy. Upon graduating college she trained vehemently in acting, voice and movement. She auditioned for the Broadway Musical revival of Rent and got 4 callbacks for the lead role of Mimi – not too shabby for her first professional audition! She then trained tenaciously for film and television and set her sights out west. Packing her bags and learning to drive in a week she ventured off to Los Angeles leaving the comforts of her home, Abuela’s cooking and the most important people in her world – her parents. She continues to sharpen her skills with Lesly Kahn at Lesly Kahn and Co. in the on-going scene study class, UCB improv and with the hosting queen herself, Marki Costello.


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